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Please contact us if you know you will be late for an appointment so we don’t give your appointment to someone else!

Send us a message in Google Hangouts if you have a quick question!

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Crystal Mueller, Ph.D.


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1. Log in to your UW Oshkosh Gmail account.

1) Log In

2. To the left of your inbox, there is a Google Chat box. This is what you will use to chat with us.

Chat Location

3. In the “Search People” field, type in “Writing Center.” It should give you an option to “Invite to Chat” the Writing Center account.

Invite to Chat

4. Google will indicate that you successfully sent a chat invite. If someone is logged on to the Writing Center account, they will accept your invitation right away and you can begin chatting. If there is no one available, they will see your invitation the next time someone signs in and a Writing Consultant will get back to you via email.

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